Kauai Marriott Resort

By Dr. Rookmin Maharaj
June 29, 2016

City Style and Living Magazine Panzanella salad Chef Higa Kauai Marriott

Panzanella salad by Chef Higa Kauai Marriott/ K&S Media

City Style and Living Magazine Kauai Marriott Pool

Kauai Marriott Resort pool/ K&S Media

The resort boasts a location close to the airport, sprawling grounds, one of the largest pools in Hawaii and an engaging and personable executive chef.

Asian artwork, sculptures, beautiful gardens and pools teeming with golden, black and orange koi imbue the resort with a sense of tropical tranquillity. Facing Kalapaki Bay and a short drive from the airport in Lihue, the resort’s scale and size give it an imposing grandeur though touches like a sculpture of a cow on the garden grounds adorned with the leis from guests make it feel far from impersonal.

At Kukui’s Restaurant we enjoy light snacks including mahi mahi wrapped in banana leaves, lamb sliders, vegetarian samosas, and, our favourite an ube roll (a delicious taro cake).

Another day we were fortunate to be invited by Executive Chef Guy Higa to his home and farm.  Chef Higa is down-to-earth, has a passion for fresh ingredients, and knows how to balance flavours.  His farm is a treasure trove of ingredients and he introduced us to some familiar and many exotic beans, plants, fruits and herbs, like calamansi lemons, curry leaves, macadamia nut tree, a variety of fig, fiddle stick, watercress, arugula, and purple string bean.

After picking some fresh ingredients, he then brought them back to Kaua‘i Marriott Resort and transformed them into a delicious dinner. Dishes included a play on a panzanella, salade niçoise, and chicken wellington with sautéed mushroom. This sprawling resort has an authentic core.

Kaua’i Marriott Resort, 3610 Rice Street  Lihue  Hawaii  96766

Want more hotels in  Kauai? This original travel article first appeared in the Summer 2016 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.