Koa Kea Hotel and Resort

By Shivana Maharaj
June 8, 2016

Koa Kea Resort lobby city style and living magazine

Koa Kea Resort lobby / K&S Media

Intimate, modern, oceanfront property that seamlessly combines Hawaiian hospitality and relaxed boutique chic

Cool and Sophisticated

Koa Kea Hotel and Resort recently became part of the Meritage Collection, and is one of the most romantic hotels on the island of Kauai. The sophisticated lobby is set off by sparkling crystal chandeliers and a black and white palette.  The boutique resort offers luxury amenities, like valet service to a mostly adult clientele.  The pool and jacuzzi are the focal point at the u-shaped 121 room hotel while beach chairs are neatly aligned on the oceanfront lawn – everything at this resort is centered on sky and water.  Fit with a large marble tile bathroom, Nespresso coffee maker and a small balcony overlooking Poipu beach, our ocean view room is modern and chic, with dark wood accented with pink and blue reflecting the colours of sunrise and sunset.


Koa Kea Resort Sunrise city style and living magazine

Sunrise at Koa Kea Resort / K&S Media

Relaxing and Indulgent
On a late afternoon, we enjoyed a relaxing and rejuvenating lomi lomi massage in an outdoor beach side cabana.  The sound of children playing on the sand was subdued by crashing ocean waves enhancing the relaxing massage.  Kipi, our therapist had an incredible technique and was able to ease our sore muscles.


city style and living magazine Red Salt Dinner Appetizers

Red Salt Dinner Appetizers/ K&S Media

Dinner at Red Salt featured picture worthy presentation (like the chess board style plating of the signature ahi and ono poke) and delicate flavours (the lobster ravioli was sweet, topped with a Michelin worthy tomato brunoise).  Creativity at the restaurant is paramount, and our eyes lit up when we were presented with a towering mound of lilikoi (passion fruit) cotton candy at the end of our meal.  Red Salt excels at creating a luxurious and intimate dining experience, and is one of the best restaurants on Kaua’i.

Want more hotels in Kauai? This original article first appeared in the Summer 2016 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.