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The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs | Book Review

Inspirational and experiential handbook for outdoor lovers and those with an interesting in decoding its mysteries

The Top 500 Poems
The Top 500 Poems | Book Review

A poetry anthology to add to your bookcase, give as a gift, or use as a reference

Teach Your Kids to Code
Teach Your Kids to Code A Parent-Friendly Guide to Python Programming |Book Review

For today’s tech savvy generation coding may just become the new family board game.

the amazing race cbs
5 Lessons We’ve Learned Watching The Amazing Race

We’ve watched The Amazing Race since its inception. It has inspired trips, made us laugh and been all too familiar (in other words, travelling regularly will make much of what happens look strangely true). The game has not taught us the formula for winning one million dollars (if it had we might be sitting on a beach right now) but it has taught us about how you can approach life and look good doing it.

Burpee Calendula Oktoberfest
Calendula For Skincare

Long considered soothing and healing for the skin, this botanical is now making its way into your cosmetics bag

One Indispensable Product For the Medicine Cabinet and Makeup Bag

An Australian native, tea tree oil is effective for treating all sorts of skin issues.

One Simple Way To Get A Mood and Productivity Boost

Want to feel happier, more energetic and improve your focus?

Summer 2015 Workplace K and S Media
Be Happier at Work

Advice from Mike Schraeder of Troy University on how to increase your enjoyment at work.

Yoga K and S Media
Diet Author’s 10 Tips to Get Fit This Summer

Summer is that time of year when you’re extra concerned about weight. Maybe you want to fit into that dress for pictures on the cruise or look good in a bathing suit at the beach. Diet author Steve Siebold, author of Die Fat or Get Tough: 101 Differences in Thinking Between Fat People and Fit People and Fat Loser! Mental Toughness Training for Dieters, offers these 10 tips to get fit this summer.

The Layered Garden
Reading Up | The Layered Garden

Designing your backyard paradise with a nod to colour, texture, season and time.