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City Style and Living Magazine Summer 2018 Healthy Living Compassionate beauty
7 Healthy Living Ideas We Love

Get the lifestyle shake up you need now with the secrets, ingredients and expert advice for looking and feeling great!

City Style and Living Magazine Books for Summer 2018 Garden Flora
Joseph Campbell Classics, Garden Titles and A Beauty Tome | Book Review

An opus from a pioneer in the world of myth; beauty rituals, gardens, flowers and more to make you glow inside and out

City Style and Living Magazine Summer 2018 Gardening bring outdoors inside
Bring The Outside In With Your Home Decor

You love setting up games, movies and meals outside and you want to bring some of that carefree attitude inside. Here’s how to bring a little outside in.

City Style and Living Magazine Summer Garden Market and Garden tools
Garden Glam

Get back down to earth this summer with practical and pretty accessories that will make you love getting your hands dirty.

City Style and Living Magazine Healthy living Coconut Products
3 Unexpected Coconut Products

Everyone’s favourite tropical palm (right?) gets a new lease on life in some fabulous, if unexpected products.

City Style and Living Magazine Healthy Living Bed How to Get a good nights sleep casper matress review
Finding the Perfect Bed For A Good Night’s Sleep

They key to a good night’s sleep begins in bed. Start by selecting a mattress and pillow that are comfortable and suit your needs.

City Style and Living Magazine ORganization Tips Spring 2018
Get Organized This Spring

If de-cluttering is the goal, mental clarity is the destination. More than just reorganizing, getting rid of extraneous things provides space to think, avoids aggravating circumstances (kitchen cupboard avalanche anyone?) and saves time. Follow CSL’s guide to simplify the process.

City Style and Living Magazine Editors Letter Spring 2018 Spring Basket
Appreciation and Service | Editors’ Letter Spring 2018

In today’s world where conversation is scarce, people are loathe to put down their devices, and screen time is all the time, what exactly does appreciating service mean?

City Style and Living Magazine Spring 2018 workout around the house
Tone Up Around the House

Ever thought of your house as a gym? Probably not, but it is a great place to start or maintain your workout. Even a few minutes each day will have lasting effects. So, get moving at home.

City Style and Living Magazine Radius Toothbrush Fall 2017
The Only Travel Toothbrush You’ll Ever Need

Eco-friendly, easy to store, travel toothbrush.