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City Style and Living healthy living yoga pose Equestrian Pose
Try Equestrian Pose For Leg Flexibility

To build leg flexibility, try this classic yoga pose.

City Style and Living Magazine Ayurveda way Spiced Milk
Sleep Like a Baby with Spiced Milk

Spiced milk is a truly delicious treat that promotes sound, sweet sleep when drunk at night (especially when made with nutmeg). This is the only substance Ayurveda recommends consuming just before sleeping.

city style and living magazine how to make an easy Avacado Hair Mask
How to Make An Avocado Hair Mask

An easy to make hair mask to make locks glossy and moisturized.

City Style and Living Magazine easy fitness routine for your core Boat Pose Winter 2016
One Easy Move To Strengthen Your Core

CSL shows you how yo easily strengthen your core with one yoga inspired move: boat pose. Plus how to stay fit chic during winter!

City Style and Living Magazine Healthy living Boost Metabolism
Boost Your Holiday Eating Willpower

Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D., a brain and cognitive scientist and author of Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin and Free (Hay House, March 2017) offers five key steps to manage holiday eating.

Happy Birthday city style and living cover images
Editors Letter: Happy 10 Year Anniversary City Style and Living

Happy 10 year anniversary City Style and Living. Looking back and looking ahead after a decade in publishing.

City Style and Living Bookcase Winter 2016
Bookcase Winter 2016

Whether it is a tour of Britain’s capital, food travelogues from far flung places or teaching your kids math, we have the title for you

City Style and Living Magazine Gift Guide 2016 Black
Gift Guide 2016: Copper and Black

A match made in holiday heaven.

city style and living magazine gift guide white
Gift Guide 2016: White

‘Tis this the colour of the season!

city style and living magazine gift guide blue 2
Gift Guide 2016: Blue

The great big (and the must) see!