What to look in your luggage for when flying

By CSL Staff
December 7, 2017

City Style and Living Magazine Holiday Group Swiss Gears uitcase

/ K&S Media; Courtesy Swiss Gear

Fabric luggage moulds to fit its contents, is lightweight and is easy to repair.

Rethink plastic/ shell casing.  Yes, they look pretty but nylon and polyester or fabric luggage applies consistent pressure to all points around the suitcase, unlike plastic which can put too much stress on zippers (think clothes spewed on the carousel) and show scratches and dents. CSL tested the Swiss Gear Light Flyer collection 24″ expandable luggage, which was large enough to hold enough clothing for a two week trip to Europe, a bottle of water and several pairs of shoes yet light enough to lift without extra assistance.  The “Spin 360°” 4 wheels made it a breeze to stroll effortlessly in the International airport.  As a security precaution, always secure luggage with a TSA approved lock. 

Swiss Gear Light Flyer Collection 24″ Expandable Luggage, and Austin House Travel Sentry Key Padlock

This original travel article first appeared in the Fall 2017 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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