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By CSL Staff
March 23, 2020

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A fresh start, that’s what spring is all about.  Begin by switching up breakfast and what better way than Canadian maple syrup, a creamy plant-based milk, a bacon alternative and a baking ingredient, ideal for pancakes. Oh, and with a cherry on top!

A New Breakfast Bacon

Omega 3 fatty acids are incredibly powerful for overall health and in studies, have been shown to promote everything from brain health, to fighting inflammation.

The big (food) guy on campus? Salmon. Simply West Coast wild keta bacon style salmon is a clever non-GMO, Ocean-wise product made from wild pacific salmon with a mild smoky-sweet flavour reminiscent of maple bacon.

City Style and Living Magazine Food spring favourite gourmet products Luxardo Cherries
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2 Ways with the Original Maraschino Cherry

Originating from the Dalmatian coast region of Italy and founded by Genovese businessman Girolamo Luxardo, these tart marasca cherries are soaked in a 50% Luxardo marasca cherry syrup. The dark, sweet cherry with nutty hints of Amaretto add complexity to cocktails and richness to savoury sauces.

1/ Make it into a sauce: Reduce 1 tbsp Luxardo cherries with ¼ cup port, ½ cup chicken or veal stock, one clove of garlic and ½ diced shallot. Finish with 1 tbsp butter to achieve a glossy sauce. Cherry sauce over seared duck breast is an unexpected yet mouth watering combination.

2/ Try it in a cocktail: Caramelize a skewered cherry with a blowtorch before placing on the rim of your favourite drink, or add to a classic old fashioned to take this sipper to new heights.

City Style and Living Magazine Food spring favourite gourmet products epicureal Malt Powder
/ K&S Media

Mmmm Malt
Ever wonder how your favourite artisanal bread achieves its golden brown exterior? More than likely it’s from vitamin and mineral rich malt barley powder, an ingredient commonly found in milk products, sauces and even carbonated soda.

In the 1940s soda fountain shops serving malted frosted drinks were all the rage. The combination of malt powder, chocolate, milk, cream and sugar is a recipe for an addictive drink that still remains popular to this day.

Want the secret to fluffy, golden stack of diner-style pancakes? CSL swaps 2 tablespoons of malt powder for some of the regular flour of a standard pancake recipe allowing the sugars to caramelize. Epigrain malt powder extract,

City Style and Living Magazine Food spring favourite gourmet products milkadamia
/ Courtesy Milkadamia

Moo-ve Over!
With plant-based mania reaching a solid high, excluding dairy is one of the most popular food trends. But, not all plant ‘milk’ is created equal. Made from raw macadamia nuts from Australia’s Jindilli farms, Milkadamia is a creamy dairy alternative that adds smoothness to soups, smoothies and even baking. It’s also gluten and soy free.

City Style and Living Magazine Food spring favourite gourmet products Escuminac maple syrup
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A True Canadian Classic
Quintessential Canadiana goes gourmet. Owner/ producer Martin Malenfant has been in the maple syrup business since childhood, establishing his own company, Érablière Escuminac in 1998.

The Escuminac collection of maple syrups, available in three styles: extra rare, great harvest and late harvest, are tapped from Baie-des-Chaleurs in Gaspésie, Quebec.

The beautifully packaged, gleaming glass bottles make standout showpieces on kitchen countertops. For Saturday morning breakfast, the great harvest delivers pure maple flavor with notes of anise, brown butter and toffee, ideal to pour over waffles or pancakes.

Try the yellow birch syrup for a unique treat on ice cream or as part of a barbecue sauce, with balanced acidity, sweetness and a smooth taste.

This original food article first appeared in the Spring 2020 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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