One Simple Way To Get A Mood and Productivity Boost

By CSL Staff
September 2, 2015


Courtesy Lexliving.


Want to feel happier, more energetic and improve your focus? Studies from Norwegian University of Life Sciences and Harvard University found that plants and flowers can actually boost your productivity and mood. Keep flowering phalaenopsis orchids at your office desk or place herbs near your kitchen window sill. Now you don’t even have to lug heavy glass vases or ceramic pots to the spots where you spend most of your time – collapsible silicone vases, flowerpots and herb pots make it easy to lift your mood at home and at work.

Lexliving Silicone Collapsible Herb Pot, $11.67, Lexliving Silicone Collapsible Orchid Flower Pot, $17.83.

Lexliving Silicone Collapsible Vase / Flower Pot Sleeve, $26.75.

This article first appeared in the Fall 2015 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.