Products We Love for Summer 2018

By CSL Staff
July 23, 2018

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/ Courtesy Pasta Jay’s; Fruit Bliss

Summertime means grazing, quick meals and taking food outside. So we found snacks from the healthy to the gourmet, quick breakfast ideas and a just-add pasta sauce that’ll have you eating well in no time. 

Borrow An Italian Grandma
Sometimes tomato sauce can be, well, boringly acidic. This line of sauce comes from recipes passed down since 1861 and boasts classic flavours like tomato marsala, and tomato basil. Made from just a few ingredients, we like the umami imparted by anchovy and the mild, sweet tomato flavour. Pasta Jay’s is one of our new pantry staples.

Good Looking Fruit
Lurid colours and cloying sweetness are the typical hallmarks of dried fruit. Not so here! Fruit Bliss sun-dries fruit and lightly steams them for juiciness. Our faves? Organic Turkish apricots, Deglet Nour dates and tart cherries.

City Style and Living Magazine Food Products we love Summer 2018 snacks Rogers Granola

/ Courtesy Rogers

Make a Quick Breakfast
With mills in Armstrong and Chilliwack, British Columbia, Rogers Food has long been a beloved Canadian brand. To make a quick breakfast with the Original Porridge Oats & Healthy Grains layer yogurt with granola and top with fresh fruit (optional). In a rush? Prepare and pop into the fridge overnight.

City Style and Living Magazine Food Products we love Summer 2018 Tutti Gourmet Crackers

/ Courtesy tutti Gourmet

Your Friends Will Thank You
A true Canadian success story, Tutti Gourmet Crackers are made for everyone – gluten, soy, corn, salt, dairy and nut-free – and come in two variations, grape and coriander or tomato and pumpkin. Crisp and flavourful, these crackers have a noticeable sweetness which pairs nicely with salty cheese (blue is best) and oily fish (smoked salmon).


City Style and Living Magazine Food Products we love Summer 2018 snacks

/ Courtesy brands

How to Snack Better
1/ The Romans are known for their bridges, armies and aqueducts but you may not know that it was lupini beans that sustained them. Brami  has updated this snack with flavours like chilli and lime but retained the traditional pickling method.

2/ If you were expecting popcorn, Halfpops are not it. Instead, barely opened corn kernels with the crunch of corn come in a range of flavours. Great as a standalone snack, they also compliment trail mix, nuts and make a good bar snack too.

3/ You can taste the truffle in 3 flavours from Oolala Gourmet Potato Chips which makes them all the more luxurious. Other flavours nod to Italy and include porcini, rosemary and olive oil. With a glass of bubbly they are pure indulgence.

This original products we love article first appeared in the Summer 2018 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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