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Everyone Loves Tacos BeefBarbacoa-(credit-Peter-Cassidy)
Beef Brisket Barbacoa Tacos

Barbacoa is one of the most traditional and evocative meals of my childhood as it always meant a celebration! Often a whole sheep or goat would be used, but here we have gone for beef brisket.

City Style and Living Magazine Food Recipes Mini Lobster Bake Photography by Con Poulos
Mini “Lobster” Bake

Having spent all my summers on the water, I find the clambake one of the most all-American staples of summer. This mini version is a substantial hors d’oeuvre that could also serve as a first course. A small metal sand pail holds one whole cooked crayfish and two cooked, shelled crayfish tails, a salt-baked baby potato, and fresh baby corn.

City Style and Living Magazine Food Recipe Scallops and Pearls by Con Poulos
Scallops and Pearls

I am very fortunate to have summered on Nantucket since high school. One of the things the island is known for is Nantucket Bay scallops, and the beaches along the sound are covered with their beautiful shells. Those shells—and their myriad natural shades of yellow, orange, and red—were the inspiration for this hors d’oeuvre.

City Style and Living Magazine spring 2018 Chicken Salad
Easy Chicken Dinner For A Week

For an easy dinner roast a whole chicken on Sunday. You can then use the meat in meals, like this chicken salad, throughout the week. CSL has three simple ideas on how to get the most flavour into your roast chicken.

City Style and Living Magazine Moules Frites for a Crowd
Moules Frites For A Crowd

Moules frites, or steamed mussels with French fries, is a great example of how you don’t need that many dishes to make a memorable meal. This menu always evokes memories for me of many different wonderful meals enjoyed at a variety of French bistros. Mussels steamed in garlic and wine, twice-fried frites, a simple salad, and crusty bread to sop up all the broth makes for a great simple summer meal.

Cheesecake eggs and shortbread soldiers Made with love Aimee Twigger
Cheesecake eggs and shortbread soldiers

A sweet version of this breakfast time staple.

City Style and Living Magazine Made With Love Nanaimo Bars
Nanaimo Bars

A Canadian invention, this tray-bake is great for holidays and get-togethers.

City Style and Living Magazine made with love recipe book violet eclairs finished
Violet and lemon Ă©clairs

This is baking at its best – great to do with kids, full of fun and decoration.

City Style and Living Magazine Oreo Macarons final made with love
Oreo Macarons

With just a few pieces of equipment and pantry staples, you can easily whip up this modern take on a French classic.

City Style and Living Magazine Molases Bread recipe
Molasses and Seed Bread

Freshly baked bread is one of the great joys of the kitchen. To get a beautiful dark brown colour this recipe uses molasses, and that toothsome texture comes from seeds and oats. Slather with butter, jam or top with cheese for a perfect dinner.