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City Style and Living Magazine recipes halloumi bowl for summer
A Halloumi of a Time

Great as a light, low carb meal or side dish.

city style and living magazine saffron quinoa bowl
Saffron Quinoa Bowl

A vegetarian bowl with grains and protein perfect for suppertime.

City Style and Living Original San Antonio Chili Chile Pepper Bible
Original San Antonio Chili

If you are looking for the ground beef chili your mother made for Friday night dinner, this isn’t it. If instead you want to taste what amounts to a fabulous, highly spiced beef stew, then I highly recommend this chili.

City Style and Living Tagine of Chicken with Apricot Chile Pepper Bible
Tagine of Chicken with Apricots

Tagine is the name for a type of earthenware vessel as well as the stew-like dishes that are cooked in it. They are popular throughout North Africa and differ among locales. This one is my own invention, but the addition of harissa gives it a Tunisian spin. I love the juxtaposition of hot and sweet flavors. It is easy enough to make for a weeknight meal, but with a tiny bit of dressing up, it is also perfect for guests.

City Style and Living recipe for pumpkin roll Pumpkin It Up by Eliza Cr
How to Make An Easy Pumpkin Roll

A simple, healthy and hearty dessert using antioxidant rich pumpkin. Great for teatime!

City Style and Living Magazine pumpkin, corn and shrimp bisque easy winter recipe from pumpkin it up by eliza cross
Pumpkin, Corn, and Shrimp Bisque

A warm and comforting soup perfect for a chilly Winter day.

City Style and Living Magazine Baby Breakfast Pumpkins easy breakfast recipe
Baby Breakfast Pumpkins

An easy and healthy, hearty breakfast.

city style and living magazine recipe easy asian slaw
Asian Slaw and Wakame Salad

The perfect match for Korean fried chicken, this recipe gives an Asian twist to the classic slaw.

How D’ya Like Them Apples by Madge Baird pork tenderloin
Dressed-Up Pork Medallions

A classic combination – pork and apples – make a great weeknight supper.

Photographs by Susan Barnson Hayward chicken quesedilla
Chicken Quesadillas with Apples and Brie

Make the most of the season of apples with this quick to prepare recipe.