Required Reading for Fall 2020

By CSL Staff
December 17, 2020

City Style and Living Magazine Fall 2020 Required Reading for Fall 2020
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Turn over a new leaf with titles that inspire new interests: wine, gardening, architecture, history, cooking, flower arranging and planning for the year ahead

1/ Champagne Wine of Kings and the King of Wines

Up-to-date on one of the most mythical tipples in history including geography and profiles of famous and obscure houses. 

By Tom Bruce-gardyne, Carlton Books;

2/ Marjolein Bastin Nature’s Inspiration 2021 Planner Calendar

Illustrations of nature to punctuate and enliven the tasks, lists and appointments that fill your days. 

Andrews McMeel Publishing;

3/ Larousse Gastronomique The World’s Greatest Culinary Encyclopedia

Ranks among one of the preeminent, foundational culinary texts in the world. 

By Librairie Larousse, Clarkson Potter;

4/ The Big Book of Backyard Medicine

Although focusing on the British environment, an invaluable resource on common plants and their uses. 

By Julie Bruton and Matthew Seal, Skyhorse;

5/ Uzbekistan: The Road to Samarkand

Stunning photographs of this storied Silk Road location and its special landmarks.

By Yaffa Assouline, Assouline;

6/ Kitchen Garden Revival

An aesthetic guide to creating an edible space, so long as you have all the resources at your disposal.

By Nicole Johnsey Burke, Cool Springs Press;

7/ India in the Persianate Age 1000-1765

History of the subcontinent during one of the most recent eras of invasion, upheaval and blossoming.

By Richard M. Eaton, Penguin UK;

8/ Modern Cast Iron

The first half focuses on selection and maintenance of this versatile cooking vessel while the latter is full of recipes.

By Ashley L. Jones, Red Lightning Books;

9/ The Land Gardeners Cut Flowers

Beautiful, well photographed coffee table book drawing on British garden designers’ projects.

By Bridget Elworthy and Henrietta Courtauld, Thames and Hudson;

This original lifestyle article first appeared in the Fall 2020 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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