Simple and Fresh Products and Ingredients We Love This Summer

By CSL Staff
August 12, 2019

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Quick antipasti, coffee in bed, luxurious melting butter on a crisp slice of toast, nothing more than a salad and rosé for lunch and light evening meal without fuss or meat. So go summer days when meals are for sharing and setting a spectacular table means no dressing up. Choose all white plates, a white tablecloth, and let the food make the statement.


Considered the foremost vinegar, due to its complexity from oak barrel ageing, Viniteau Sherry Vinegar (500ml; ) is aubergine coloured with the complex aromas of its sherry wine cousin, like vanilla and roasted nuts. 

With bright acidity, combine with olive oil and mustard for a classic vinaigrette or add a few drops to stews for sharp balance.

City Style and Living Magazine Summer 2019 products we love  emerald grasslands butter

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It’s not difficult to picture happy jersey cows grazing on green pastures in Southern Ontario when tasting the sweetness of Emerald Grasslands golden butter. 

The Canadian company sources dairy from three partner farms, with a focus on organic land management and positive animal welfare practices, with impressive results. 

The grass fed, organic cream, imparts intense creaminess with a hint of nuttiness thanks to the high percentage of butterfat (84%). The best way to eat?  Simply spread on freshly baked bread.

City Style and Living Magazine Summer 2019 products we love solenzi

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Summer is made for picnics and shareable lighter meals with friends and family.  An antipasti platter is the best of both worlds.

Combine a selection artisan cheese and charcuterie with a mix of fresh and preserved vegetables.  Solenzi’s addictive organic sweet cherry peppers with goat cheese are a perfect balance of gentle acidity with creamy cheese and sweet, mild pepper (we dare you not to finish a jar in one go). 

The versatile peppers are also great to add as a salad topper and save the oil in the jar, which doubles as a great base for a marinade or dressing.

Cherry Peppers with Goat Cheese 280g, $10.99;

City Style and Living Magazine Summer 2019 products we love Inari Lentils

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The best friend of a flexitarian? Inari Organic French Lentils cook in twenty minutes and retain their firm texture (no mush here!).  Packed with fibre, iron and protein, sprinkle the tasty legume over your salad, add to stews as a thickener or try a bean burger for #meatlessmonday!


City Style and Living Magazine Summer 2019 products we love Cuisinart

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Don’t want to run out for your fresh cup of morning joe?  The Cuisinart fully automatic Burr grind and brew thermal 12 cup coffeemaker provides the best of a fresh coffee house cuppa with the convenience of being at home.  Add your favourite beans to the top fill hopper to grind beans and brew a fresh pot of coffee in minutes.

Pros: The two-in-one machine is great to get the freshest grounds on a daily basis.

The sleek construction looks great on any kitchen countertop.  A fully 24 hour programmable machine makes 8:00am on-the-dot-brewing a cinch.

Cons: The small basket does not hold enough coffee grounds to suit a strong brew.  The brew strength control with three strengths (mild, medium and strong) does not produce a strong enough brew for many testers. 

OLYMPUS DIGITALCity Style and Living Magazine Summer 2019 products we love galbani fresh mozzarella

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City Style and Living Magazine Summer 2019 products we love balderson cheese

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As a good source of calcium, omega 3 fatty acids and protein with benefits like good bone health, and reducing blood pressure, cheese is here to stay.  Here are CSL’s top picks:

>>  For the gourmand: Made in Winchester Ontario, Balderson Royal Canadian Cheddar is the perfect balance between sharp and creamy.  Aged for 24 months, this cheese is dry in texture with a complex flavour that is a great all-rounder and as an addition to burgers, cheese boards, or snacking alone. 

>>  For the calorie conscious: This southern Italian classic fresh cheese is stretched and kneaded in the traditional fior di latte method, resulting in a soft, delicate and mild mozzarella.  Galbani‘s Fresh Mozzarella Ball is ideally suited for caprese salads, or melted atop a simple margherita pizza. 

This original food article first appeared in the Summer 2019 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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