Simple Delicious Shortcuts for Holiday Baking

By CSL Staff
December 19, 2019

City Style and Living Magazine Winter Holiday baking shortcuts Holiday Ginger Cookies
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Spreading holiday cheer with a freshly baked sweet treat is the way to anyone’s heart, but the busy season can make it tricky to carve out time to make everything from scratch.  Step in a few helpful shortcuts that cut kitchen prep time without compromising on taste.

Create festive treats in minutes with these simple cheats

1/ Pre-made puff pastry
Lay the pre-rolled pastry in between two baking sheets and bake until lightly golden and crisp.  Cut into 5x 2 inch strips and stack with fresh raspberries, and whipped cream for Napoleon in minutes.

2/ Whip It Up
Warm cream (we love Lactantia 35% Old Fashioned Cream) on stovetop with dark chocolate and a splash of vanilla.  Chill until cool and whip until light and fluffy to create a quick mousse sans eggs.

3/ Easy cookie ‘frosting’
Top homemade gingersnap biscuits, cupcakes or cake with a dollop of pre-bought creamy, silky dulce de leche.

City Style and Living Magazine Winter Holiday baking shortcuts Holiday Ginger snap Cookies
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4/ Enhance mincemeat with coffee
Steep your favourite dried fruit in a strong espresso (try Melitta M-Xpress) and a splash of rum a day before baking to enhance deep earthy.

5/ A different kind of sandwich
Traditional butter cream frosting can be too sweet.  Step in Philadelphia new whipped frosting that adds a hint of tang to counter the sugar.  Smear between two dark chocolate cookies for a clever twist on the sandwich cookie.

City Style and Living Magazine Winter Holiday baking shortcuts Mincemeat Tarts
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Bonus Tip
Spice chewy yet crisp cookies are a sure sign of the holiday season, instead of an elaborate house why not try simple cookies dusted with sanding sugar and slathered with dulce de leche. Arrange them on a three-tiered stand, and decorate with seasonal fruit and foliage. CSL

This original food article first appeared in the Winter 2019/2020 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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