Small Fixes That Add Up To Big Results

By CSL Staff
April 11, 2022

City Style and Living Spring 2022 Small Fixes That Add Up To Big Results
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It’s not a big deal until it is – those little tasks, or spaces in need of a little zhoosh. CSL has you covered.

Tearing your hair out because of a busted zipper?  FixnZip, a universal bright nickel or black nickel finish zip replacement easily repairs a broken zip, without the need to sew or fiddle.  The strong zipper allows you to give new life to travel and camping gear and comes in three sizes. Best of all it can be re-used.  FixnZip starts at $10.99;

Be a jack of all trades. The trusty utilitarian Victorinox Swiss army knife comes equipped with 16 functions including: wood saw, SIM card pin, bottle opener, can opener and two sizes of screwdriver.  Presented in a beautiful gift box with a certificate, the Year of the Tiger doubles as a classic gift.  Victorinox Huntsman Year of the Tiger 2022, $120;

City Style and Living Spring 2022 Small Fixes That Add Up To Big Results
/ Courtesy Tiffen

Raise your hand if you’ve had an unprofessional e-meeting lighting mishap?  Some tech fails can’t be avoided, but, dim, dark rooms can. Impress the boss with EGO LED Bi-Colour Desktop LED Fixture.  The ultra lightweight and simple to set-up light brightens poorly lit spaces with the touch of a switch.  Change the tone and brightness of the light to adapt for any space.  The versatile EGO doubles as lighting for makeup artists, photographers or content creators.  That’s what we call winning. $250;

This original healthy living article first appeared in the Spring 2022 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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