Summer Update Baby Blue Eyes

By CSL Staff
June 1, 2016

city Style and Living Magazine how to wear Blue Eyes Summer 2016

NARS for Phillip Lim and NARS at Marc Jacobs/ Collage, K&S Media

Baby Blue Eyes: The go-to colour on eyes for the season is blue, from turquoise liner at the New York shows to smudgy cobalt at shows in Milan.  The versatile applications are a fun way to play with your makeup!

On lids, graphic liner is given an update by being a little bit chaotic, instead of a neat line.  The pretty shade looks super cool when applied with a bit of disconnection.  Start with an eye liner brush, and dip into a bright shade.  Apply from the inner corner and sweep toward the middle of the eye along the crease.  Leave a gap and end with a cat eye flick on the corner of your eye.  More into a pastel shade of blue?  To recreate this sweet look, sweep powder over your entire lid, and finish with spiky mascara to create a mod-inspired look.

This original beauty article first appeared in the Summer 2016 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.