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Patisserie Maison: Simple Pastries and Desserts to Make at Home

March 2, 2016 in Culinary Insiders, FOOD by kandsmedia

Learn basic technique and classic recipes from French-born Richard Bertinet. Gain confidence while you add to your home cooking arsenal.

Einkorn: Recipes for Nature’s Original Wheat | Book Review

February 25, 2016 in Culinary Insiders, FOOD by kandsmedia

Einkorn, though ancient species of wheat, has its own unique peculiarities in baking and bread. Carla Bartloucci who grows the grain on her property has experimented extensively with einkorn. Her insight and expertise with einkorn form the basis for the recipes in this book.

At Home in the Garden | Book Review

February 18, 2016 in Arts, LIFESTYLE by kandsmedia

Beautiful oversized book drawing inspiration from the Connecticut garden of celebrated fashion designer and taste-maker Carolyn Roehm.

Crossroads: Extraordinary Recipes from the Restaurant That Is Reinventing Vegan Cuisine

February 11, 2016 in Culinary Insiders, FOOD by kandsmedia

Vegan recipes from restaurateur Tal Ronnen that everyone can enjoy.

Ultimate Travelist

February 9, 2016 in Destinations, TRAVEL by kandsmedia

A list of the 500 best places in the world. Think your favourite place made the cut? Can you guess which one makes it in at number 1? Just open the pages to find out and you may just find some hidden gems, and travel inspiration too.