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Theo Yeaman | Art of Precision

October 4, 2008 in Chefs by kandsmedia

Not many twelve year olds know the secret to making crisp fish and chips from scratch – even imitating the English by wrapping the entire thing in newsprint. Yeaman, though, remembers fondly making fish and chips for his parents when they came home late from
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Duncan Ly | His Take

April 5, 2008 in Alberta Culinary Hero's, Chefs by kandsmedia

It would be safe to say that Duncan Ly, executive chef at Hotel Arts fell fatefully into cooking. Ly was studying electronics at college. When summer holidays came around, he decided to spend some time in Tofino, B.C. to learn how to surf. While staying
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Paul McGreevy | Local Seasonal Aficionado

December 10, 2007 in Alberta Culinary Hero's, Chefs by kandsmedia

Long before the one hundred-mile diet was a craze and perusing farmers markets was a weekend ritual, the ethos of eating local and seasonal had been a part of Paul McGreevy’s life. His first food memory revolves around eating peas from his parents’ backyard garden. “While Mom
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