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Craft Mocktails are here to stay. Any Questions?
City Style and Living Magazine wine and spirits mocktails Pineapple Cocktail

Any good mixologist will tell you that the secret to a good cocktail is balance. The same is true (even more so) for mocktails, where a hint of sweetness a dash of sour, a little sparkle and the refreshing notes from herbs should come together to create something surprising for the palate.

CSL Guide: How to Pair Whisky & Dessert
City Style and Living Magazine Food how to pair whisky and dessert Sticky Toffee

A very quick guide on getting the most of your after dinner sipper and treats.

4 Wines To Go With Lamb Stew
City Style and Living Magazine Fall 2019 Wines and spirits what to pair with lamb stew

With cooler weather calling out for settling in with comfort food and bold, rich wine, CSL has just the pairings for you to try!

Fall Date Night In
Fall 2019 City Style and Living Magazine wines and spirits Fall Date Night In

Cozy evenings by the fireplace call for comfort food and simple luxuries. Trust us, you won’t miss the restaurant meal one bit!

Global Cocktail Hour Mexico Behind the Smoke Mezcal Margarita
City Style and Living Magazine Summer 2019 Mexican cocktail mescal margarita

Inspired by the various ingredients found in some of our favourite drinks, CSL has got you covered with three essential cocktail pantries. Travel around the world with us, and try them out at your next party.