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The World’s Best Pimm’s Cup
City Style and Living Day Drinking Pimms Cup recipe

This recipe, a classic Pimm’s Cup, is the ultimate fruit salad in drink form. And what’s especially great about this drink, aside from its aesthetic appeal, is that it’s entirely customizable with whatever seasonal fruit you have on hand. Toss in some berries, grapes, or even cubed watermelon. Just don’t forget the cucumber!

Cocktail Recipe | Bahama Mama

This crowd pleaser recalls days spent at the beach.

Ultimate Easy Cocktails | Spiked Eggnog
easy cocktail recipe, spiked eggnog

Ultimate Easy Cocktail Recipes for Winter. Try this simple spiked eggnog.

Mount Gay Rum Captain’s Order
Mount Gay Rum Captain's Order Cocktail

The Mount Gay Rum Captain’s Order is a spicy man-drink blending notes of cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper with the lip tingling spice of chili peppers.

Cocktail Recipe | Cointreau In Memoir
Cocktail In Memoir

Madeleine MacDonald from Model Milk Bistro Calgary, Canada shares her cocktail recipe featuring the iconic brand Cointreau.