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CSL’s Favourite Hotels | The Augustine Prague

 [oqeygallery id=5] Photography K&S Media Part of the Rocco Forte Hotel Collection, the 101 bedroom property was created from several buildings, including the 13th Century Augustinian St. Thomas Monastery. The elegant and modern rooms have distinctive views of Prague castle (for up close views of
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Travel Guide To | Czech Republic
CSL Travel Guide to Czech Republic

A luxury travel guide to What to eat, Where to Stay, What to Do, and hidden gems in the Czech Republic from the editors of City Style and Living Magazine.

Tasting Notes | The Alcron Prague

    [metaslider id=4309]     Prague’s transformation after communism occurred not just in major ways but in minor ones as well. If there is a barometer of social change it is surely in a country’s cuisine, the most direct and tangible measure. The Alcron
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