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Thyme Orange Negroni
City Style and Living Magazine Negroni cocktail recipe Summer 2016

The pronounced orange flavour in this cocktail makes for a refreshing summertime drink

Chambord Manhattan
city style and living Fruit Cocktail for summer Chambord manhattan

The peak of summer is marked by picking fresh berries. Get a flavour burst with this refreshing cocktail.

Cocktail Recipe | Mango and Coconut Colada

Like piña colada? Our version is more for those who like dancing in the sun than dancing in the rain!

Cocktail Recipe |Passion

This cocktail sports an unusual green colour, attractive for summer barbecues.

Ultimate Easy Cocktails | Aviation and Violet
City Style and Living Magazine aviation and violet cocktail

This is a twist on a traditional aviation. Taking a cue from the distinctive violet colour, we’ve topped ours with a beautiful sugared violet flower.