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A Guide to the Birds of Trinidad and Tobago | Book Review

October 27, 2016 in Arts, LIFESTYLE by kandsmedia

This book provides insight into the fascinating life of the 477 species of birds of the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago.

Match Made in Heaven Plaid Coat and Chelsea Boots

October 25, 2016 in FASHION, Fashion We Love by kandsmedia

When the weather starts to change we have the perfect boots and coat.

Catch-Up Chicken

October 24, 2016 in FOOD, Recipes by kandsmedia

I raised my kids on the principle that ketchup isn’t a solution; it’s an indication: if my children don’t like something, they shouldn’t add ketchup—they simply shouldn’t eat it in the first place. But this recipe is one that purposely highlights the ketchup, giving the chicken a sweet and tangy flavor reminiscent of what you’d get at a backyard cookout. This way you can give your kids a barbecue experience without the smoke and the drunk uncle.

Travel in the Social Media Age | Editors Letter Fall 2016

October 21, 2016 in Arts, LIFESTYLE by kandsmedia

What does travel look like in the era of social media? Does it mean we travel more deeply, with greater insights into the destination? Or are we now merely skimming the surface?

Pay Dirt How Gardening Can Ease Stress

October 17, 2016 in Healthy Living, LIFESTYLE by kandsmedia

Looking for a way to lower stress, keep active and boost your mood? You may just find it by digging in the dirt!