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6 Amazing Beauty Products for Fall 2017
of City Style and Living Magazine Treasure Trove Best beauty products for Fall 2017

Try these products for better skin, hair and relaxation.

Peach Moscow Mule
City Style and Living Magazine peach moscow mule final copper mug

Add a twist to the traditional, with juicy ripe peaches

3 Easy Stretches to Dissolve Stiffness

Dissolve stiffness with these three stretches. Hold each stretch for five to ten seconds.

Colour Your Hair Naturally
City Style and Living Natural Hair Colour

Learn how to naturally colour your hair.

2 Ways to Achieve Subtle Glitz
of City Style and Living Magazine Subtle Glitz Makeup for Fall 2017

Celebrate cosmetics this season! From makeup to nails, create a look that will turn heads. The only thing you need to bring to is attitude.