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Adventures South of the Equator: Gourmand
City Style and Living Magazine Belgian Tastebuds Sven Van Coillie Adventures South of Equator Chile Osaka

Food and travel blogger Sven Van Coillie of Belgian Taste Buds tell us why Chile is the next big thing on the culinary map.

Golden Raspberry Tarts
City Style and living recipe easy golden raspberry tart

A distinctive hue makes these raspberries standout. Red raspberries or any other ripe, fresh fruit work equally well in this recipe.

Vanilla Panna Cotta with Mixed Berry Compote and Belli e Brutti

Try this crowd-pleasing dessert for a dinner party.

Rum and Vanilla Cured Salmon

Vanilla and rum give a twist to this classic cured salmon recipe.

Shrimp Quiche
city style and livnig magazine Shrimp Quiche

Master the basic recipe for quiche and you’re all set to experiment with different fillings like ham and cheese (for the classic quiche Lorraine), leeks and bacon or roasted vegetables. If you’re hosting a party make mini-quiches, by lining muffin tins with pastry, then adding the egg mixture.