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Fall Yard Cleanup
City Style and Living Magazine Fall 2020 Fall Yard Cleanup

Expert landscaper Chris Lambton shares basic but critical tips for fall yard cleanup.

Loving Lilacs
City Style and Living Magazine spring 2020 loving lilacs Hygge Picnic

Harbingers of spring in shades ranging from violet to light magenta with specks of fuchsia, these bushes perfume the air with an unmistakably sweet scent.

The Art of Tablescaping
City Style and Living Magazine Home Fall 2019 The art of tablescaping

Who doesn’t want to wow guests (beyond the food, of course) at their dinner party? Tablescapes allow hosts to show off their personal style and create a unique ambiance.

Feel Happier with Flowers
City Style and Living Magazine Healthy living happier with flowers

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t stand up and surround yourself with colourful flowers.

Easy to Grow Plants For Your Garden Wishlist
City Style and Living Magazine Healthy Living Plants to grow this season plants in a bag

Some of the easiest to grow plants are the most beautiful and CSL has all the foolproof plants that will make you smile – no matter your space, time, or growing conditions. We’ve got the plants that tick every box of your garden wishlist.