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Get Organized This Spring

May 15, 2018 in Healthy Living, LIFESTYLE by kandsmedia

If de-cluttering is the goal, mental clarity is the destination. More than just reorganizing, getting rid of extraneous things provides space to think, avoids aggravating circumstances (kitchen cupboard avalanche anyone?) and saves time. Follow CSL’s guide to simplify the process.

Make Your Own Terrarium

November 8, 2016 in Healthy Living, LIFESTYLE by kandsmedia

Make your desk a little prettier, boost your spirits and get an extra dose of oxygen with a portable mini-garden beloved of the Victorians.

Cozy Fall Comforts

September 29, 2016 in Arts, LIFESTYLE by kandsmedia

Get ready for chilly nights, snowflakes and outdoor fun with these creature comforts. Plus, bring the look of resorts around the world to your home and wardrobe.

How to Create the Perfect Patio

August 11, 2016 in Arts, LIFESTYLE by kandsmedia

brighten up your patio with these tips and products

CSL Interviews | Andrea Raimondi of Ingenium Design Group

December 15, 2009 in Culinary Insiders by kandsmedia

Principal and founder of Ingenium Design Group, Andrea Raimondi has partnered with Jenn Air for the launch of their newest collection. CSL: Tell us about the new Jenn Air Line and your involvement? Raimondi: The launch is exciting because the line offers a huge range
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