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Chelsea Alehouse Brewery Michigan
Chelsea Alehouse Brewery

Chelsea Alehouse Brewery is one amongst several micro-breweries in Michigan.

Two Shops Not to Miss in Ann Arbor
Tea Haus Exterior

Ann Arbor is a pedestrian’s dream with quaint shops lining historic streets. Choose to explore any of its gems and you’re sure to find something interesting whether stationary, gifts, culinary products or books. CSL has chosen two of our favourite shops in Ann Arbor that you may just find delightful too.

Café Zola in Ann Arbor Michigan
Cafe Zola waffles

While Café Zola in Ann Arbor is a great breakfast spot it also serves brunch and dinner.

Mani Osteria & Bar Ann Arbor Michigan
Mani Osteria and BarTable

Mani Osteria & Bar in Ann Arbor Michigan offers Italian tapas fare.

Bigalora Ann Arbor Michigan
Bigalora Pizza Hands Devouring

The secret to the pizza at Bigalora in Ann Arbor? The living mother dough (the wood fired oven does not hurt either).