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How to Shuck An Oyster
City Style and Living Magazine Oyster Bar

The plump oyster is always a crowd pleasing favourite and the oyster bar is often crowded with an admiring gaggle of viewers watching a master shuck oysters with ease and skill. Learn how to shuck yourself.

Oceans | Editor’s Letter Summer 2018
City Style and Living Magazine Editors Letter coromandel Beach Blue Sky

A personal view of the state of our oceans.

7 Healthy Living Ideas We Love
City Style and Living Magazine Summer 2018 Healthy Living Compassionate beauty

Get the lifestyle shake up you need now with the secrets, ingredients and expert advice for looking and feeling great!

Joseph Campbell Classics, Garden Titles and A Beauty Tome | Book Review
City Style and Living Magazine Books for Summer 2018 Garden Flora

An opus from a pioneer in the world of myth; beauty rituals, gardens, flowers and more to make you glow inside and out

Non alcoholic Gin and Tonic and Old Fashioned
City Style and Living Magazine Imbibe wines and spirits non alcoholic gin and tonic and old fashioned

Non-alcoholic alternatives to two of your favourite tipples.