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Bringing Sexy Back With Port and Red Wine in the Douro Valley of Portugal
City Style and Living Magazine Travel Portugal Quinta Do Bomfim picnic and house

Already the undisputed port powerhouse, Portugal’s Douro Valley is on the brink of a breakthrough thanks to its rich red wines.

It’s Not All About Roses This Valentines Day
Bacardi A Love Remembered City Style and Living Magazine Jeff Savage

The winning Prairie regional Bacardi Legacy 2017, based on a cheeky anecdote about the love between Ernest Hemingway and Ava Gardner.

Grape of the Moment Cabernet Franc
City Style and Living Magazine Argentenian Cabernet Franc

A medium body wine with structured acidity, it makes an ideal (holiday) pairing with food!

Mushroom, Mustard and Madeira Soup
City Style and Living Magazine Wine Lovers Kitchen Mushroom-Soup Mowie Kay

A rich, intensely delicious soup that makes a good first course for a dinner party.

Peach Moscow Mule
City Style and Living Magazine peach moscow mule final copper mug

Add a twist to the traditional, with juicy ripe peaches