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Try Low-Impact Workouts
City Style and Living Magazine Spring 2019 Healthy Living Try Low-Impact Workouts Hiking in Mountains

“Staying active is one of the best ways to ensure a good quality of life. It helps children develop correctly, keeps adults healthy and reduces the impact of old age in seniors,” advises Christopher W. Grayson.

7 Healthy Living Ideas We Love
City Style and Living Magazine Summer 2018 Healthy Living Compassionate beauty

Get the lifestyle shake up you need now with the secrets, ingredients and expert advice for looking and feeling great!

Ease Back Into Your Fitness Routine By Walking
City Style and Living Magazine walking to ease back pain

You don’t need to run a 10K or participate in CrossFit to achieve health inside and out!

Try Equestrian Pose For Leg Flexibility
City Style and Living healthy living yoga pose Equestrian Pose

To build leg flexibility, try this classic yoga pose.

Sleep Like a Baby with Spiced Milk
City Style and Living Magazine Ayurveda way Spiced Milk

Spiced milk is a truly delicious treat that promotes sound, sweet sleep when drunk at night (especially when made with nutmeg). This is the only substance Ayurveda recommends consuming just before sleeping.