Taste Test | Hot Pepper Sauce

By Kailash Maharaj
June 22, 2008

A great flavour enhancer, hot sauce is good on just about everything (some hot pepper sauces not pictured).

A Blind taste test was conducted at CSL with eleven habenero-based pepper sauces. The discerning palettes used the criteria of taste, smell, heat and overall likeability to base their evaluations of each sauce. After several hours of tasting, one staff member was near the brink of having their taste buds completely numb. The results prove that with the variety of flavours from fruity to smoke to pure heat, there is sure to be a hot sauce for everyone.


BLAIR’S HEAT COLLECTION Habenero mango exotic hot sauce (250ml)

Tasters loved the jam-like consistency, vibrant colour and balanced flavours



DENZEL’S Gourmet Habenero hot sauce (150ml)

Thin, rust coloured sauce with visible seasonings





HATARI Acid Rain (125ml)

Well blended, with a slight smoky flavour. Hot and good for a bloody mary





LOUISIANA JOE’S Hot sauce habanero
(177ml, note packaging change)

Simple, and mild with a slightly acidic note




HATARI Mother of all hot sauces (150ml)

Reddish/ brown colour with notable black pepper. Extremely hot with a
chipotle flavour




RICK’S West Indian style hot sauce (350ml)

Slight mustard flavour, flavourful. Characteristic Caribbean flavour with mild garlic




HATARI Alberta Crude (125ml)

Smoky flavour with good heat. Well suited for barbecue





MARIE SHARP’S Orange pulp Habenero pepper sauce (148ml)

Chunky consistency, very
fruity and good for everyday use




BUSHA BROWNES Pukka hot pepper sauce (142ml)

Visible pepper seeds; faint fruitiness, tangy and bright orange




McIlhenny Co. TABASCO Habenero sauce (57ml)

sharp, very hot with a nice flavour and good heat



HATARI CONGO/CALYPSO Hot sauce (150ml)

A pale amber pepper sauce. Simple with a mild sweetness




For more on CSL’s hot pepper sauce taste test see page 15 of the Summer 2008 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.