Taste Test | Vanilla

By Marc Duncan
March 22, 2009

Our taste test of seven distinctive vanilla brands makes for a challenging quest. Photography Jeong-Eun Kook

With one hundred and fifty varieties, and two hundred and fifty organic compounds comprising its unique flavour profiles, vanilla is the number one recognized flavour. From bourbon to Madagascar, vanilla bean to vanilla paste, the comforting taste will instantly alter your mood.


Aust and Hachmann Bourbon Vanilla Extract Premium Gourmet 2X,

price upon request, www.austhachcanada.com

Nielsen-Massey Mexican Pure Vanilla Extract,

$13.95, www.nielsenmassey.com

Sonoma Syrup Co. Madagascar Bourbon and Tahitian Vanilla with Vanilla Beans (Special Blend Vanilla Extract Crush),

$15.00, www.sonomasyrup.com

Aust and Hachmann Tahitensis Vanilla Extract Gourmet 1X,

price upon request, www.austhachcanada.com

Sonoma Syrup Co. Madagascar Bourbon and Tahitian Vanilla (Pure Vanilla Extract Blend),

$14.50, www.sonomasyrup.com

Watkins Organic Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract,

$12.99, www.jrwatkins.com

Royal Command Pure Bourbon Vanilla Extract with Vanilla Bean Seeds,

$11.95, www.epicureal.com

For more on our Vanilla taste test see page 18 of the Spring 2009 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.