Tasting | Highland Park

By Shivana Maharaj
October 29, 2009

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Photography Courtesy Highland Park

Made in the windy, turbulent Orkney Islands in Scotland (the islands have been inhabited for 5500 years), Highland Park whiskey benefits from the climate. As Tosh refers to the rugged landing on the islands “you know you’re going to hit something, you just don’t know what.”

The informative Highland Park Whiskey tasting at Escoba in Calgary was a treat. Gerry Tosh, Brand Ambassador, explained whiskey’s origins, described exactly how to do a proper tasting (and so avoid looking like a fool). “A lot of people try to apply wine knowledge to whisky- it doesn’t work like that,” Tosh advises. Tosh also helped tasters unearth the flavours of Highland Park’s 12, 15, 18, 25 and30 year old whiskeys.

Tosh’s descriptions are both descriptive and decidedly on point. Take for example the words used for the 25 year old, “this one is designed to cause pain; Fight your way through the pain and you’ll be rewarded”, “this is a whiskey drinkers whisky, with cinnamon and nutmeg flavours.”

TIP: Inhale your whiskey three times, and do not ‘swirl’ the whiskey in your mouth, rather chew and then swallow. For more on how to nose and taste, visit:

DID YOU KNOW? Hold your whiskey glass at a 45 degree angle, and slowly tilt around. The ‘petals or legs’ are a sign of the alcohol content. The long legs are a sign of higher alcohol content.

Highland Park whiskey is available at fine liquor distributors