Tasting | Mount Gay 1703

By Shivana Maharaj
November 25, 2011


K&S Media

International Brand Ambassador and mixologist at Mount Gay Distilleries, Chesterfield Browne visits Calgary and speaks with CSL about the rum that invented rum.

Except for the Caribbean, rum has been given a bad name worldwide, mainly due to the lack of quality products on the market. This, coupled with the cloyingly sweet fruity drinks served up at more than a few all inclusive resorts and university parties (where many were first introduced to rum) has given the spirit a negative reputation. “In the Caribbean, we don’t order a cocktail with rum in it. We would go to a rum shop,” Browne offers, adding that rum is ready for a revival. For those in the know, rum, like other fine spirits can be complex, imparting caramel, tropical fruit and even leather notes when treated with proper care. Such elegance can be found in Mount Gay’s 1703, made on the island of Barbados. The oval bottle, with the embossed MG seal lets you know this is rum to be sipped slowly, a special occasion spirit not to be bruised by saccharine sweet soda or fruit juice. Made from a blend of rums ranging in age from 10-30 years, master blender Allen Smith has produced a stand out spirit. The mahogany amber colour gives way to an aromatic nose: spice, caramel, banana and leather notes round out the complex notes.

And the taste? Somewhere between milk chocolate, peppery spice and toffee with a long charred oak finish and subtle sweetness. Suitable for any bar collection, after a few sips,
you will never return to another overloaded sweet cocktail again. No wonder Mount Gay refers to the 1703 as ‘the superlative of rum.”


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