Tasting Notes | 2010 Visa Infinite Dinner at Charcut

By Shivana Maharaj
November 18, 2010

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The Restaurant and Chefs

Chefs Connie De Sousa, John Jackson (Charcut), Paul Rogalski (Rouge), and Chuck Hughes (Garde Manger) delighted the crowd with a collaborative dinner. All of the guests were served family style, adding to the interaction between guests.


From spoonfuls of mushroom risotto to lamb neck crostini (picture at left), these amuse bouche whet our appetites for dinner.

The 250lb pumpkin

Earlier in the week, some CSL staff members visited Charcut, and noticed this huge pumpkin. We all put in our guesses, but we could not have imagined that the gourd was upwards of 200 lbs. Unbelievable. The chefs served a delicious soup straight from the pumpkin.

The Bourbon and the Bees Cocktail

EXPERT Mixologist Christina Mah (and winner of Calgary Cocktail Challenge two years in a row), created an unbelievable cocktail (who knew we love Bourbon?), infused with Tauca Vanilla Brandy, Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Mah told guests to turn their stirstick (cinnamon bark), around and mix it into their cocktail. The result? A not too sweet, amazing drink that we could easily be hooked on. Great Job Christina!!!

Jungle Farms Pumpkin Soup

What can you do with a 250lb pumpkin? Why make a lovely, delicious creamy Winter soup of course. The warmth of this sienna tinged soup was just the thing to warm diners for the -20 degree temperatures outside in Calgary.

Winter Greens with Apple Vinegar and Okanagan Hazelnuts

Mild, bitter greens, dressed lightly with olive oil and apple vinegar, the toasted hazeulnuts that topped this salad were crunchy, and lovely.

Whole Roast Baerd Farm Goat, “Porchetta Style” filled with Country Sausage

If you’ve never tasted goat, this would be the introduction required. Spiced delicately, the inherent gameiness of the goat was not present, leaving an utterly moist, meaty and delicious piece of perfectly cooked goat.

Duck Fat Roasted Poplar Bluff Potatoes with Pickled ramp sour cream

Crispy outside, soft, silky inside with the mouth watering unctuousness of duck fat. This takes Sunday roast potatoes to a new level. The mellow pickled sour cream, almost like a creme fraiche complimented this dish very well.

Roasted Chicken

The slow roasted chicken (one of co-owner Jean-Francois Beeroo’s favourites), with crispy skin, delicate flavour and moist meat are the reasons Beeroo has this almost
“Five times for the week” as a late night snack.

Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay, Bonterra Syrah

Two California wines paired with the meal.

Staub Pot of West Coast Mussels, clams and Prince Rupert Side Striped Shrimp

It came to our table, steaming, hot and in a bright red Staub Pot. Simple, fresh seafood, speaking on their own- the sweetness of the small clams was a favourite at our table.

Warm Sticky Toffee BC Quince Pudding with Maple Chantilly cream

Pastry chef Cheryl Wallbank and her team created a home-style sticky pudding. While some at our table could not resist the bits of toffee, remarking “I’m sorry but I can’t stop,” we loved the not overly sweet chantilly cream, and the quince added a textural contrast to this dessert.