Tasting Notes | Boudoir

By Kailash Maharaj
May 16, 2009

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The Restaurant

“Couples are sitting outside on the patio, inside, Moroccan lamps, Buddha statues in the gaming area, and long bar give Boudoir Lounge immediate visual appeal. Gilbert Tourville,
the owner, introduces himself. He explains the origins of the striking focal point of Boudoir that we have been eyeing. “I bought this church window in Montreal five years ago with no business plan, no idea, nothing. This street used to be called Church Street, so I thought this is destiny.”

Buffalo chicken Wings

The beauty of this Quebec city bar is surpassed only by the cuisine, created with great creativity and care by chef Max Guertin; this food surpasses typical ‘bar’ peanuts and
chips. Geurtin has prepared a tasting menu for us – the first sign this ain’t your uncle’s neighbourhood pub grub. The buffalo chicken wings are perfectly spicy and well seasoned.

Soup of the Day

“Marc André Fillion, the barman, as he calls himself, comes over to take our order, his laidback attitude and sense of humour blends well with vibe of Boudoir Lounge. “We are all from
little towns outside of Quebec City,” he says.”

Asian Noodle amuse

Chopstick with fresh asian noodle are a great amuse. The play of sweet and sour combined with the hint of sesame seed oil is delightful- we love interactive food here at CSL!

Korean Salad wraps and Asian Foie Gras

We are intrigued with our deconstructed Korean barbeque salad wraps, piece by piece layed out like an assembly line. Full of fun and light enough to enjoy two or three.

Asian insipired Foie Gras

We also try the asian twist on foie gras- sweet and spicy soy- hoisin combined with the buttery creaminess of the foie gras pair beautifully.

Dessert of deconstructed Chocolate

This dish was lovely and spicy. Somewhere between a boullabaise- puttanesca sauce, with rich intense pronounced flavours. The tagliatelle was perfectly cooked, and is made fresh in house every day.

Guertin parades dish after dish from the kitchen, delighting in our expressions and our enjoyment. He has put thought into every dish from the deconstructed shrimp lettuce wrap, to
the umpteen slices of Montezuma chocolate cake to the whiskey maple syrup and passion fruit granité.  Here, he lights a flame to our dessert.

Boudoir Lounge
441 Rue De L’Église
Québec, QC

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