Tasting Notes | Chef Tasting Menu at Laurie Raphael in Quebec City

By Shivana Maharaj
April 10, 2009

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Our Welcome

What a treat to be personally cooked for by Chef Daniel Vezina at his signature restaurant Laurie Raphael. We were persuaded to order the chef tasting menu. The atmosphere is convivial and warm against a neutral background (with quirky pops of personality). Take the bright red vintage recycled wild cat wall, or the tree branch wine cellar.


The Brand

Chef Vezina is quite the celebrity in Quebec and it is no surprise that Laurie Raphael has a gift shop (with everything from made in Quebec dishes to Vezina’s cookbooks) and the restaurant even has a separate kitchen atelier to host cooking classes. This is a man who loves people and you can tell. Throughout our dinner Vezina visits between tables chatting with patrons.


Strawberries and Scallops on a Half Shell

Our dinner begins with scallops on a half shell with strawberries from Ile d’Orleans.


Potato Chips with Mediterranean Salad and Fish

The next course is a taste of Greece. Crispy potato rounds topped with an olive cucumber and feta cheese salsa. A delicate dish that also featured assertive flavours.


Main Course

We next feast on a delicate fish atop a corn salad laced with nasturtiums.



Our dessert featuring a brushing of toasted black sesame seeds (mimicking chocolate in taste and appearance) is inventive and surprisingly rich with a subtle bitterness.


Laurie Raphael
117 Dalhousie, Quebec City

For more of Laurie Raphael and Daniel Vezina see the article from the Fall 2009 issue of City Style and Living magazine.