Tasting Notes | Ka’uiki Hotel Hana Maui

By Shivana Maharaj
June 23, 2010

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The Restaurant

Chef Diane Tsurumaki the executive chef, is a recent addition to Hotel Hana-Maui.  Having previously worked at The Peninsula Hotel’s Felix restaurant in Hong Kong, and in the kitchens of Switzerland, “I really just wanted to come back home,” she confides.

Kobocha Pumpkin Soup

A mild version of a Thai soup, rich with creamy coconut milk, and kobocha. The drizzle of thai chili oil adds just a hint of spice.

Classic sushi rolls

Chef Tsurumaki created these classic rolls, accompanied by pickled local vegetables. Growing up on Oahu, Tsurumaki remembers “fishing on the south shore and grilling the day’s catch over an open fire on the beach.”

Haleakala Ranch Lamb springrolls

Crispy on the outside, delicate and flavourful on the inside, these rolls are accompanied by julienned vegetables, and sweet and spicy dipping sauce.

Local style Pohole Fern Salad

The local fern (similar in taste to a sea asparagus, or asparagus, with a tangy vinaigrette and sesame oil, this was a very refreshing interlude.

Blackened Rare Nori Ahi

This dish makes CSL crave Ahi; so fresh, so silky and perfectly blackened. It was Maui’s local produce that was one of the major draws of returning.  “The freshness of ingredients available in the islands, Hana caught fish, freshly pounded keanae poi, multiple varieties of produce grown by local farmers brought to our restaurant’s back door is inspiring,” says Tsurmaki.

Island Style Mahi-Mahi

Silky Mahi Mahi served over coconut black rice (toothsome and very different), pea shoot salad and winter white choy and Ono farms organic mango salsa.

Lemongrass Creme Brulee

A very different take on creme brulee; local organic farmed fruit macadamia nut dacquoise. The infusion of lemongrass adds an herbacious essence to the brulee. This is certainly an amazing dessert.

Hawaiian vintage chocolate cake

This was one of the best warm dark chocolate cakes we have ever tasted. The gooey marshmallow on top reminiscent of campfires, served with cinnamon graham cracker cookies. The chocolate cake was neither too rich or sweet, nor lacking any density.

Hotel Hana Maui
5031 Hana Hwy
Hana, Maui

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