Train Like An Athlete| 3 Moves To Stay Fit for 2015

By CSL Staff
January 18, 2015

Sidney Crosby trainer Andy O'Brien Fitness

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Reebok ambassador, president of HumanDynamix Health and Wellness, and Sidney Crosby’s personal trainer Andy O’brien shows CSL 3 moves to maintain your fitness routine for 2015.

This exercise involves the quadriceps, shoulders, triceps, and upper back, allowing you to involve your lower body, upper body and core simultaneously.

1. Begin with feet together, step backwards while keeping your weight on the front leg.

2. As you step, press the medicine ball directly overhead.

3. Return to center position and return medicine ball to chest. (7 repetitions each side)

Sidney Crosby trainer Andy O'Brien Fitness

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This is one of the most deadly glute exercises you will find. It also involves your hamstrings, and is great for balance and stability.

1. Begin with feet together, hip forward and touch the ground with both hands.

2.Maintain a slightly bent knee on the front leg.

3.Keep the back leg high and extended at the hip. Keep your hips square and prevent rotating. (7 repetitions each side)

Sidney Crosby trainer Andy O'Brien Fitness

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One of the most overlooked aspects of core training is rotation. This is a simple rotational core exercise, which also involves shoulders,
and lower body for stability.

1. Sit into an athletic squat position and remain stable in the lower body (prevent the hips from turning). Swing the medicine ball from one hip,
overhead, and to the other hip.

2. Continue quickly from side to side. Keep the arms straight and turn the shoulders as you swing from side to
side. (10 repetitions each side)

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