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City Style and Living Spring 2022 The Residences at TELUS Sky exterior

General Manager, Robert D’Orazio, chats with CSL

City Style and Living Winter 2021 A Photographic Lens on Global Artisans Lisbon Pasteis de Belem

All around the world, small batch producers working with their hands and their knowledge create a variety of products.

City Style and Living Summer Fall 2021 Global Vineyards Quinta Vallado

Nature, science, art and farming combine to produce a liquid that has enchanted humanity for thousands of years. Connoisseurs know that one sip can take you around the world.

City Style and Living Summer 2021 Global Beaches To Explore 1

There’s so much to do (or not) at the beach: feel the sun on your face, the sand between your toes, build castles, read a book, and go for a refreshing dip in the ocean. These beaches give you the chance to do it all.

City Style and Living Spring 2021 Global Gardens: A Tour Around Some of the Prettiest Spots in the World

Armchair travel to botanical gardens filled with flowers, sculptures, fauna and some of the most passionate people you’ll ever meet. You can almost breathe in the glorious setting!

City Style and Living Magazine Winter 2020 A Glimpse at Entrances from Around the World

Entryways from around the world offer insight into colour, culture and so much more!

City Style and Living Magazine spring 2020 5 Travel Books that Will Open Your Mind to Looking Differently at the World ST Moritz

For your wish lists: take a trip to hidden places, learn to travel mindfully, enjoy street food in China, allow the earth to speak or turn a page in St. Moritz.

City Style and Living Magazine Winter Barbados Resource Guide Kailash Maharaj aerial view

What to do, eat, see and how to get around the easternmost island in the Caribbean.

City Style and Living Magazine Winter Barbados Hotels The Crane Kailash Maharaj senset and historic architecture

This storied resort sits on gorgeous landscaped seaside bluff and boasts a wide range of dining options, a large pool complex and a beautiful pink sand beach.

City Style and Living Magazine Winter Barbados Oceans Two Resort and Residences Kailash Maharaj overlooking the beach and the hotel tower

The multi-storey, beachfront resort has 88 rooms and suites and operates as both a hotel and condo residence. Do not miss breadfruit night for a taste of local cuisine.