Upper Body Workout

By Ryan Maxwell
November 7, 2020

City Style and Living Magazine Fall 2020 Upper Body Workout
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Ryan Maxwell, CEO and founder of Fluid Health and Fitness shares three simple at-home workouts you can do during the current pandemic.

Activation Exercise – Warm Up

Exercise: Alternating Wall Single Arm Serratus Press
Purpose: To challenge the weak muscles involved in shoulder pressing patterns

Equipment: Bodyweight

Description: Standing with arms fully extended, palms against wall. Let gravity push the body down onto the shoulder while simultaneously pinching the shoulder blade toward the spine while keeping the opposite arm relaxed. Then press up on the shoulder and feel as if the shoulder blade is gliding along ribs toward the front of the body then return to the beginning position. Alternate arms between reps for a total of 20 reps.


Reps:20 each set

Recovery between sets: 45 sec

Multi-joint Integration Exercise – Warm Up

Exercise: Split stance band straight arm isometric horizontal abduction/ER with scap protraction + humeral flexion

Purpose: Reeducate efficient shoulder mechanics during pressing movements

Equipment: Heavy resistance band anchored to a wall or a door

Description: Split stance with one leg about 1 step in front of the other, band anchored to the wall behind you on the side of the braced leg. Start on the left side of the body first. The band should be at waist height and held on the same left side. While maintaining a split stance, protract (glide the shoulder forward) then flex the arm up overhead against the band, making sure to keep it in line with the shoulder. Then return to your beginning position.

Sets: 2 on both sides of the body (4 total worksets)

Reps:15 each set

Recovery between sets: 60 sec

Resistance Training Exercises – Strength Training Exercises:

a. Split stance Single arm overhead press with Dumbbell

Equipment: Dumbbell – 70% of 1RM

Description: Split stance with the right foot about 1 step in front of the left grasping the DB on the same left side as the back leg, keeping the shoulder abducted at 90 degrees and elbow bent. Complete the movement by maintaining a split stance, then pressing the left arm overhead, hold and slowly lower down. Complete all reps on the left side before moving to the right side.

b. Single arm DB scap retraction + biceps curl + shoulder flexion

Equipment: Dumbbell – 65% of 1RM

Description: Standing comfortably, feet hip width apart, grasp DB in one hand hanging at side. Start on the left side.Complete the movement by first pinching the shoulder blade downward and inwards towards the spine, then flex the elbow to curl the DB upward. Once the elbow is fully flexed, lift at the shoulder to about 90 degrees, hold and then slowly lower back the arm back down. Complete all repetitions on one side before moving to the otherside.

c. *Tall Kneeling band face pull

Equipment: Heavy resistance band anchored to a wall or a door

Description: Start from a tall kneeling position on your knees, with the band anchored in front of you, above the head with both hands grasped on the band. Pull back against the band resistance from above toward the face as you pull the shoulder blades down and in. Your hands should be facing the wall at the top of the movement. Hold the position and then slowly reverse.
Purpose: Overload – Build muscle and increase joint control (complete all sets per exercise before moving to the next exercise)

Sets: 2 sets on both sides of the body (4 total worksets – *Exception: Tall Kneeling Band Face Pull – only 3 sets)

Reps:12-15 each set

Recovery between sets: 60 sec

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This original healthy living article first appeared in the Fall 2020 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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