W. Brett Wilson | Tour Guide

By CSL Staff
March 23, 2013


The entrepreneur, businessman and avid traveller shares his favourites with CSL.

Favourite Projects you’ve worked in?  Starting up Wilson Mackie & Co and then FirstEnergy were two of my favourite projects – the unknown challenges that every day brought were mentally challenging and intellectually stimulating.

Favourite city to travel to. Why? Vancouver – besides being a beautiful city – 2 of my 3 children now reside there.

What three items are always in your luggage?  Runners, Colorful shirts, Interesting Jacket [in my] Tumi hardshell, 4 wheel.

Favourite hotel? The Loden in Vancouver is extraordinary overall

Tell us about your charitable work. [It is] broad and rewarding. I worry less about the “importance of giving back” than capturing the opportunities for changing the world that every single act of charity offers.

Most memorable travel moment? Visiting the great apes in Uganda.  Nothing more memorable.

What would you travel 1000 miles for? Dinner with any of my children.

I can’t live without…. being connected for a few hours a day – no matter where I travel.

3 of the most played songs on my ipod are: Moondance/Morrisson, By the Dashboard Light/Meatloaf, and many by James Keeleghan.

Best Advice you’ve ever been given? “Respect everyone’s right to dignity; from my mother.”


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