Wedding Guest Makeup

By Daniel Thompson
June 1, 2015


/ Keith Louie for City Style and Living Magazine.

Wedding season is upon us. Many articles will be dispensing advice on the type of makeup brides should wear but there is never any practical advice for guests. Like so many things, a wedding guest needs to prepare a makeup look that is appropriate and considerate. Here are the top tips for a wedding guest by yours truly.

Never outshine the bride. It is critical that every female guest remember that the bride is the most beautiful person at the wedding. Guests’ makeup should never compete for attention, so, no red lipstick, no glitter, no false lashes, and no dramatic effects of any kind.

Respect the bride’s colour palette. If possible, match makeup looks to suit the bride’s wedding colours – this shows respect, but also allows for some fun with makeup. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like pink.  If the bride does, find a way to incorporate some pink into your makeup. Inquire of the bride’s maid of honour as to what the colour scheme is and ensure your makeup matches the bride’s perfect day.

When in doubt go neutral. By using soft neutral makeup, you will never run the risk of having inappropriate makeup at a wedding. Neutrals work with every colour palette and do not draw attention away from the bride. Simply remember you are not to outshine the bride – she is the princess for the day.

Great makeup choices for bridal season 2015
“Soft metallic eyeshadows in ‘washes’ of colour – nothing opaque. Lip glosses that are transparent. Highlighters instead of blushers.”

Popular bridal theme colours for 2015

“Crimson and Plum. Cream and Blush. Periwinkle and Peach.” (see colour swatches pictured above)

My favourite neutral  products of bridal season (see photo above)

1 Daniel Thompson Beauty Mineral Moisturizer; 2 Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Bronze; 3 Nars Lipstick Belle du Jour.

Some of my favourite products

4 Daniel Thompson Beauty Celestial Shadow Cosmos #5; 5 Chanel Coco Shine #76; 6 Burberry Fresh Glow Blush Pink Peony.

This article originally appeared in the Summer 2015 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.