Wheels Keep on Turning

By K&S Media
March 26, 2021

City Style and Living Spring 2021 Wheels Keep on Turning in California
/ K&S Media (Michelin CrossClimate2 Tires not featured)

You Asked
Due to Covid-19, I haven’t been driving as much, any tips to keep my wheels in check?

Vehicles are meant to be driven however, many people are working from home and limiting trips. If left alone for an extended period of time, your car’s condition may decline, especially the tires.  Did you know that tires can loose 1psi (pounds per square inch) every month? Driving on improperly inflated tires results in poor fuel economy, poor handling, and accelerated tire wear, costing more money over the long run.  Even if you don’t see any signs of tire damage, be sure to use a gauge to check all four tires, and your spare every month. Itching for a last-minute staycation after being cooped up?  Always ensure to check tire pressure before making a long trip. To check tire pressure and fend off tire problems beforehand check the simple quarter test in the info box.

City Style and Living Spring 2021 Wheels Keep on Turning MichelinQuarterTest
/ Collage K&S Media; Courtesy Michelin

The Quarter Test
Grab a quarter and follow these 3 easy steps to check tire tread.  

1/ Use a quarter
Hold the quarter between thumb and forefinger with the quarter head facing down.

2/ Test tread
Select a point on your tire where tread appears the lowest and insert the coin into one of the grooves.

3/ Check the figurehead
If the top of the figurehead is covered by tread, you’re driving with the legal and safe amount of tread. If the tread gets below that, your car’s ability to grip the road in adverse conditions is greatly reduced.

City Style and Living Spring 2021 Wheels Keep on Turning Michelin crossclimate2
/ Courtesy Michelin

CSL Tested
With the unpredictable Canadian climate, CSL tested the latest MICHELIN CrossClimate2 all-season tires, specifically designed to bring unmatched year-round performance in unexpected weather.  The tires v-formation tread pattern and proprietary rubber compound offer versatility in various climate conditions, namely for wet stopping, longevity, dry grip and snow performance.  In fact, the snow capability alone delivers up to 31% better snow traction than competitors, while the PIANO reduction tuning cancels ‘harmonic’ road noise, ideal for driving with a family along the highways up to the Rocky Mountains. Best of all, when tested compared to competitors, the CrossClimate2 wore better (up to 15,000 miles), resulting in up to one additional year of use. michelin.ca

City Style and Living Spring 2021 Bosch icon wipers
/ Images courtesy Bosch

Bosch Icon Wiper Blade
These all season wipers with dual rubber compound delivers 40% longer life and superior wiping performance even in the heaviest of snowfall or rain. The easy ‘click-in’ install to the wiper arm and dual precision-tensioned springs distribute uniform pressure across the blade. Excellent for every changing Canadian weather. bosch.ca

This original article first appeared in the Spring 2021 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.

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