Why You Should Eat Breakfast

By CSL Staff
November 2, 2015


Eat breakfast table coffee pancakes

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Regularly skip breakfast? We all know that it can lead to slowed metabolism, and weight gain. Try these ideas to start your morning right. On weekdays opt for a grab-and-go breakfast that you can pack the night before like yogurt, granola and fruit cups, smoothies  or oatmeal (just keep them cool in the fridge).  Alternatively stash a few healthy staples at your desk like whole grain rye crackers, breakfast bars and whole wheat wraps. Then, before heading out to work just grab healthy toppers like avocados, a hard boiled egg or nut butter.  On weekends make breakfast into a ritual by inviting friends over for brunch or getting the kids involved.  It will make you look forward to waking up to the most important meal of the day.

This article originally appeared in the Fall 2014 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.