Wine | 4th Annual Vine and Dine Argentina Wine Festival

By Shivana Maharaj
October 6, 2010

 Photography By K & S Media

CSL had the pleasure of attending the Argentina wine festival at Escoba, hosted by the gracious Linda Garson.

The event, which was open to the public in the evening had an amazing turnout, complete with representatives for each wine. Every style of wine- from Tempranillo, Syrah, Cabernet, and Torrontoeswere on display. A fine range of price points, as well to suit any occasion.

The 15 Exhibitors included: Michel Torino, Vina Cobos, Pascual Toso, Zuccardi, Fuzion, Santa Julia, Finca Flichman, Terrazas, 1884, Circus, Navarro Correas, CarinaE, Tempus Alba, Fleshas de los Andes, Alta Vista, Luigi Bosca, Weinert, Silvertop, Espiritu de Argentina, Norton, Dominiciano De Barrancas, Bodega Tapiz, Bodega Caro Amancaya, Kaiken, La Posta, Familia Schroeder, Rio SEco, LA Puerta, Finca Sophenia, Caligiore, Finca Cayanta.

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