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City Style and Living Magazine Rose wine bottles

Rosé has taken over summertime sipping, with global consumption one of the highest growing in the wine industry, increasing by 11 per cent in 8 years. Its easy drinking, bright and fresh flavour profiles (plus the pretty pink colour) make it the ideal wine for picnics, enjoying on the patio, or for pairing with light seasonal fare.

Sloshies Book
Peachy Keen

If Rizzo’s mood in Grease were a drink, this would be it—sweet peach with a sassy juniper punch from the Hendrick’s. Great for drinking at the drive-in.

3 Cocktails to Celebrate Canada 150

Fire up the barbeque and get your lawn chairs ready. These three refreshing cocktails are sure to get the party started!

City Style and Living Day Drinking Pimms Cup recipe
The World’s Best Pimm’s Cup

This recipe, a classic Pimm’s Cup, is the ultimate fruit salad in drink form. And what’s especially great about this drink, aside from its aesthetic appeal, is that it’s entirely customizable with whatever seasonal fruit you have on hand. Toss in some berries, grapes, or even cubed watermelon. Just don’t forget the cucumber!

City Style and Living Magazine Wines of The Okanagan
CSL’s Wine Trail Favourites

Here are a few of CSL’s favourite wines from The Okanagan

City Style and Living Magazine gimlet cocktail recipe

Once favoured by the British Navy for preventing scurvy, this refreshing cocktail is simple to make. Although the original recipe calls for gin, vodka can be substituted as an alternative. Some recipes use only Rose’s lime cordial (or lime juice as it’s known in the US) for a citrus kick, but we like amped up flavour of fresh juice.

city style and living spirits haymans gin
A Tale of Two Gin

A spirit, made from a blend of botanicals, gin is meant to be mixed and truly comes alive in cocktails.

city style and living wine lesson viognier
Wine Lesson: Viognier

CSL’s Wine Lesson: A floral white wine that is a delightful patio sipper, and great food partner

havana club mojito
Classic Mojito

This classic rum cocktail highlights the freshness of mint.

City Style and Living Magazine Negroni cocktail recipe Summer 2016
Thyme Orange Negroni

The pronounced orange flavour in this cocktail makes for a refreshing summertime drink