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Bacardi A Love Remembered City Style and Living Magazine Jeff Savage
It’s Not All About Roses This Valentines Day

The winning Prairie regional Bacardi Legacy 2017, based on a cheeky anecdote about the love between Ernest Hemingway and Ava Gardner.

City Style and Living Magazine Argentenian Cabernet Franc
Grape of the Moment Cabernet Franc

A medium body wine with structured acidity, it makes an ideal (holiday) pairing with food!

City Style and Living Magazine peach moscow mule final copper mug
Peach Moscow Mule

Add a twist to the traditional, with juicy ripe peaches

City Style and Living Magazine Cider Apple Cart tasting cider book
Apple Cart

“When discussing all things apple, it’s important to me to not only use apple-related products but complementary flavors that taste incredible alongside apples,” says Lauren Mote, the co-proprietor of bitters and tincture producer Bittered Sling and bar manager at the ultrasleek UVA in Vancouver. For the celebrated Canadian cocktail queen, the Apple Cart is a liquid embodiment of this stance on true flavors. “It is a combination of great ingredients, topped with a funky, tart, and refreshing cider,” she says of the cocktail.

Dewar's for Thanksgiving City Style and Living
Celebrate Thanksgiving With Dewar’s

Consider whisky as your signature holiday sip this Thanksgiving

City Style and Living Magazine Siete Soles food and wine pairing
2 Awesome Summer Wine and Food Pairings

Pair these two red wines with summer staples grilled meat and cheese.

City Style and Living Magazine Rose wine bottles

Rosé has taken over summertime sipping, with global consumption one of the highest growing in the wine industry, increasing by 11 per cent in 8 years. Its easy drinking, bright and fresh flavour profiles (plus the pretty pink colour) make it the ideal wine for picnics, enjoying on the patio, or for pairing with light seasonal fare.

Sloshies Book
Peachy Keen

If Rizzo’s mood in Grease were a drink, this would be it—sweet peach with a sassy juniper punch from the Hendrick’s. Great for drinking at the drive-in.

3 Cocktails to Celebrate Canada 150

Fire up the barbeque and get your lawn chairs ready. These three refreshing cocktails are sure to get the party started!

City Style and Living Day Drinking Pimms Cup recipe
The World’s Best Pimm’s Cup

This recipe, a classic Pimm’s Cup, is the ultimate fruit salad in drink form. And what’s especially great about this drink, aside from its aesthetic appeal, is that it’s entirely customizable with whatever seasonal fruit you have on hand. Toss in some berries, grapes, or even cubed watermelon. Just don’t forget the cucumber!