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whisky 3 ways wine and spirits calgary
Whisky 3 ways

From creamy to refined, there’s a whisky for every taste.

mulled wine city style and living magazine
Mulled Wine

A warming, fragrant brew, with all the spices reminiscent of holiday’s past.

6 best rum to try city style and living magazine
The Best 6 Rum You Need To Try

The Best 6 Rum You Need To Try.You may know this spirit for it’s pirate legacy and ingredient of your favourite Caribbean cocktail, but rum is more than a mixer. The imbibe team at City Style and Living Magazine has decoded

Cocktail Recipe | Mango and Coconut Colada

Like piña colada? Our version is more for those who like dancing in the sun than dancing in the rain!

Cocktail Recipe | Bahama Mama

This crowd pleaser recalls days spent at the beach.

Cocktail Recipe |Passion

This cocktail sports an unusual green colour, attractive for summer barbecues.

Top 3 Summer Beer To Try

Sit on the patio or have a barbecue and enjoy these beer

Herbal Citrus Cider Margarita. /K&S Media.
Cocktails |Herbal Citrus Cider Margarita

Nothing beats the refreshing crisp-tangy-sweet taste of a cold cider on a warm day. Welcome spring with this ridiculously simple cocktail that will have your guests guessing the secret ingredient.

Apples Growing on the Tree
Cider Rules the Canadian Market

Visit any local liquor store and you’ll see entire aisles dedicated to cider. Long a favourite in the United Kingdom which has the largest per capita consumption in the world, this orchard derived alcoholic drink is making a comeback in Canada.

Isalita Ann Arbor Tequila
3 Great Drinks in and Around Ann Arbor

The Ann Arbor area not only produces some great libations, but showcases great mixology talent too. From gin to whisky and tequila, CSL offers three suggestions for a great drink in the area. Cheers!