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Tasting | Top 4 Bourbon

Photography (Christina Mah) By Derrick Woo CHARCUT MIXOLOGIST CHRISINA MAH Her Grandfather was a bartender, so it is not surprising that Christina Mah Bar-Chef at Charcut Roasthouse would follow suit. “He was making crazy concoctions and my grandma had to drink them all.” In fact it was one of Mah’s own Bourbon cocktail creations that
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Q & A | Dave Powell

Founded by David Powell in 1994, the winery is so called after the small Scottish town, Torbreck, where Powell worked as a lumberjack.  Torbreck’s roots are well-established in share-farming – using fruit from the very best vineyards in the Barossa Valley. Winemaker, Dave Powell’s production is heavily based on the classic Barossa Valley varietals of
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Wine | 4th Annual Vine and Dine Argentina Wine Festival

 Photography By K & S Media CSL had the pleasure of attending the Argentina wine festival at Escoba, hosted by the gracious Linda Garson. The event, which was open to the public in the evening had an amazing turnout, complete with representatives for each wine. Every style of wine- from Tempranillo, Syrah, Cabernet, and Torrontoeswere
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Wine | Wines of Chile at Hotel Arts

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/2010 Wines of Chile at Hotel Arts/”/] CSL was invited to the Wines of Chile event at Hotel Arts, displaying some of the most popular wines and food from Raw Bar. Situated between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, Chilean wine is world renoun for its Mediterranean climate (dry summer and moderate winters), producing
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Wine | Fruity Sauvignon Blancs are Made for Simple Barbecues

  AVONDALE Winemaker: CornĂ© Marais CSL: What is your (or the winemaker’s) favourite memory with Avondale sauvignon blanc? Marais: Avondale’s winemaker, CornĂ© Marais, is a keen angler and for him there is nothing better than standing with a line in the icy Atlantic Ocean and a chilled glass of Avondale Sauvignon Blanc in his hand.
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Best | David Pick’s His Top 5

The choice of wines at 100 wines by David Walker. Photography by Robert Bunka These wines pack a double punch – great tasting and easy on the budget. Click here to view full article on Page 20 of the Fall 2009 issue of City Style and Living magazine

Tasting | Highland Park

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Highland Park with Gerry Tosh/”/] Photography Courtesy Highland Park Made in the windy, turbulent Orkney Islands in Scotland (the islands have been inhabited for 5500 years), Highland Park whiskey benefits from the climate. As Tosh refers to the rugged landing on the islands “you know you’re going to hit something, you just don’t know
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Wine | Les Petits Cailloux

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/2009 Les Petits Cailloux/”/] Though the Eastern Townships and MontĂ©rĂ©gie are known for their apple orchards, the next day I go in search of grapes on the west side of Mount Yamaska at Les Petits Cailloux vineyard. As I speak to owner Martin Lavertu, classical music wafts through the air. He and Françoise Goudreau
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Wine | Ceago’s Jim Fetzer on Biodynamic Wine

Jim Fetzer on the story behind the newest old tradition in wine: biodynamic wine. Q. What is biodynamic wine? A. Biodynamic wine is Wine Made from certified Biodynamic grapes fermented with wild yeast, no use of enzymes or other synthetic additives. What does the process of converting to biodynamic entail? Converting from conventional farming is
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