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City Style and Living Magazine aviation and violet cocktail
Ultimate Easy Cocktails | Aviation and Violet

This is a twist on a traditional aviation. Taking a cue from the distinctive violet colour, we’ve topped ours with a beautiful sugared violet flower.

City Style and Living Fresh Cucumber thyme Gimlet
Ultimate Easy Cocktails | Fresh Cucumber Thyme Gimlet

Beat the heat with an ultra light and savoury cocktail. This is a great recipe for an outdoor summer gathering, like a wedding.

easy cocktail recipe, spiked eggnog
Ultimate Easy Cocktails | Spiked Eggnog

Ultimate Easy Cocktail Recipes for Winter. Try this simple spiked eggnog.

easy cocktail recipe peppermint hot chocolate
Ultimate Easy Cocktails | Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Ultimate Easy Cocktail Recipes for Winter. Try this simple peppermint hot chocolate.

Concha Y Toro Valentina Lira
Wine Q & A | Concha Y Toro’s Valentina Lira

Concha y Toro Sustainability Manager Valentina Lira chats with CSL about the Chilean wine brand, her fall wine favourites, and the environment.

must have single malt scotch
Six Must-Have Single Malts

CSL picks the six must have single malt scotch that you need in your at home bar.

The Best Champagne Tips We’ve Ever Heard

Simple and easy ideas to get the best out of your bubbly.

French mojito
Rémy Martin French Mojito

A French twist on the classic mojito.

Mount Gay Rum Captain's Order Cocktail
Mount Gay Rum Captain’s Order

The Mount Gay Rum Captain’s Order is a spicy man-drink blending notes of cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper with the lip tingling spice of chili peppers.

Cocktail In Memoir
Cocktail Recipe | Cointreau In Memoir

Madeleine MacDonald from Model Milk Bistro Calgary, Canada shares her cocktail recipe featuring the iconic brand Cointreau.