Wine | Fruity Sauvignon Blancs are Made for Simple Barbecues

By City Style and Living Magazine Staff
May 13, 2010

Photography courtesy Avondale, Hess Collection and Oyster Bay



Winemaker: Corné Marais

CSL: What is your (or the winemaker’s) favourite memory with Avondale sauvignon blanc?

Marais: Avondale’s winemaker, Corné Marais, is a keen angler and for him there is nothing better than standing with a line in the icy Atlantic Ocean and a chilled glass of Avondale Sauvignon Blanc in his hand. Well, of course, the best is when you have a big one taking the bait, but the important thing is not to spill your Sauvignon Blanc while you are reeling it in!

CSL: What is your (or the winemaker’s) favourite summer meal with the Avondale wines sauvignon blanc?

Marais: We have an indigenous fish in South Africa called “geelbek” (directly translated “yellow mouth” but also called Cape salmon). It’s a fantastic fish for a traditional “braai” (barbeque) over an open fire right there on the beach immediately after catching it. Avondale Sauvignon Blanc is a natural choice with seafood, especially salmon and halibut.

CSL: What differentiates Avondale wines from other winemakers?

Marais: At Avondale we are going back to nature with our Bio-LOGIC farming practices. In growing our grapes and making our wines we do everything in the most environmentally friendly way and we believe that this approach leads to wines of elegance and balance that Mother Earth would approve of.


Winemaker: Michael Ivicevich

CSL: What is your (or the winemaker’s) favourite memory with Oyster Bay sauvignon blanc?

Ivicevich: I adore making the wines that are part of so many great occasions around the world. We had one fan paint her house in the blue colour from our label. On another occasion we sent a speech to the wedding of one fan who loved Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc so much she wanted it mentioned as a friend. Of course having our wine served at Buckingham Palace has been a highlight too!

CSL: What is your (or the winemaker’s) favourite summer meal with the Oyster Bay sauvignon blanc?

Ivicevich: Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc is a light-bodied aromatic wine, with a lovely tropical highlights and a zesty palate. The great thing about Sauvignon Blanc is its versatility. It is wonderful with or without food. For summer I like matching it to seafood, especially oysters, mussels, fresh salmon and lighter fish. I enjoy it with Japanese style cuisine, including tempura.

CSL: What differentiates Oyster Bay wine from other winemakers?

Ivicevich: There are many things that have contributed to our success, however, I think the most important are our unique wine styles and consistent Super Premium quality. Our goal is to produce world benchmark cool climate New Zealand wines. We own some of the best vineyard sites in the renowned Marlborough and Hawke’s Bay wine regions which deliver exceptional quality. And we can’t forget the passionate and highly experienced people who are dedicated to making some of the world’s great wines.


Winemaker: Dave Guffy

CSL: What is your (or the winemaker’s) favourite memory with Hess Collection sauvignon blanc?

Guffy: There is a day when the weather changes- and it is light until late in the evening and warm enough to stay in shorts and eat outside- everytime that happens, especially the first time in the season , is a favorite memory.

CSL: What is your favourite summer meal with the Hess Collection sauvignon blanc?

Guffy: I love BBQ- and with Hess Allomi Sauvignon Blanc, grilled prawns with roasted asapargus and bbq’d corn on the cob is hard to beat!

CSL: What differentiates Hess Collection wine from other winemakers?

Guffy: Our Sauvingnon Blanc comes from Muscat clones, which is unusual for a California Sauvignon Blanc, that provides distinct aromatics and floral characteristics to the wine. We do nor put the wine through malolactic fermentation, so there is a nice racy acidity keeping the wine bright and lively. It is aged in stainless steel and neutral French oak barrels to keep the fruit character pronounced.

This article originally appeared in the Summer 2010 issue of City Style and Living Magazine.